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Cataract Surgery

If you or a loved one needs cataract surgery in New Jersey, come see our experienced and caring eye surgeons at DeLuca Vision Consultants in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Our doctors will talk to you about all of your cataract surgical options and treatments. Cataract surgery is one of the most popular and successful eye procedures performed in the United States today and many patients report even better vision than they had before developing the cataract.

cataract surgery

In the past few years, there has been much advancement in cataract surgery and patients are able to recover and improve their vision even faster than ever before. During surgery, a tiny incision is made on the eye, allowing a microscopic laser to pulverize and break up the cataract for an easy removal of the cataract. One the cataract is removed; an intraocular lens is inserted into the incision and provides the eye with a new lens that can help correct certain vision problems depending on your visual needs. There are many types of intraocular lenses and to learn more about your lens options after cataract surgery, please see our Premium Lens Options page.


The incision heals rapidly and with little or no discomfort, and eye drops are used for about one month to keep the eye free or infection. Usually after this type of vision procedure, a patient can return to normal work activities in less than one week but may be asked to refrain from swimming or water activity for two weeks.